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Getting a Cushman vehicle is no sweat thanks to Cushman financing options. Cushman Finance offers flexible loan and leasing programs through a variety of partners.

Let our finance program work for you and your business. Having the right equipment with a payment to fit your budget is important to grow your business.

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Built for where the work takes you.

Every crew has one guy that stands above the rest. Rugged. Reliable. Won’t quit until the  work is done. With powerful features built to handle anything or anywhere, you can always count on the Hauler 4X4 to lighten the load of any heavy-duty task.

*User-selectable 4WD

*Standard safety feature including seat-belts and rollover protection system

*25 mph max speed



Fully loaded and ready to work.

The name says it all. This rugged work vehicle earns its keep with get-it-done versatility…ideal for moving equipment and materials around any plant or jobsite. Fill it up and get after it with the Cushman Hauler®.

*Gas or electric drivetrain models

*800-lb capacities


Limited slip differential



Road Tested And Ready For Action.

When the work takes you on the road, the Cushman® LSV 800 is ready to help you get the job done. This zero-emissions, fully electric vehicle has a top speed of 25 mph and is legal for use on most public roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. From military bases to health care campuses to city maintenance, the LSV 800 has the versatility and functionality to take on all types of tasks. So get in, buckle up and take it to the streets.


The Titan can carry a ton-literally

With its massive payload and big-time
towing capacity, the Titan XD is top dog.
It’s unmatched in power and overall
performance, easily transporting thousands of pounds of material at once.

*2- or 4-passenger models

*21.6-sq-ft, 3,000-lb capacity cargo bed

*5,000-lb towing capacity


Stay efficient with the Minute Miser 

Traveling to various locations in a large
facility can waste a great deal of time. The Minute Miser® lets you quickly get from
Point A to Point B with a small load, whether it’s your equipment or a second passenger. Time is money, so save it and keep productivity—and profitability—at a high level.

*Cargo deck with fold-down second seat

*10 mph max. speed

*550-lb total capacit


This worker can shoulder any load

Available with both 36- and 48-volt
powertrains, the Titan HD knows a thing
or two about work ethic. And with
increased cargo and towing capacities, this is one work vehicle that never backs away from the big jobs.

*2- passenger models

*21.6-sq-ft, 3,000-lb capacity cargo bed

*4,600-lb towing capacity